MyAdTV provides a complete digital signage solutions for in-store advertising and on-location ad sales that you can start using right away without having to buy any hardware or software. It is open to the public free of charge. MyAdTV delivers the world’s first One Click Turnkey digital signage solution to in-store digital advertising. With just one click, any computer connected to the Internet is converted into a turnkey digital signage system. That is, when the computer is first powered on, the scheduled content will start to play automatically. MyAdTV's Hierarchical Content Management system allows you to have structured accounts and establish tiered permissions for a staff to manage various ad campaigns, or for web designers to create ad content while you retain the right to override any activities within the linked accounts. We have transformed dynamic digital signage from a high cost, high tech system to an easy to use web-based application using our patent pending technology. Whether it’s serving a local business with a single store or serving a corporation with thousands of locations worldwide, our digital signage software will deliver your content with the same impact and efficiency. MyAdTV is an intelligent digital signage platform that performs 95 percent of the tasks behind the scene. You, as a user, only need to supply a few pieces of information. MyAdTV will manage, deliver and display your content wherever and whenever you want. We are now introducing MyAdXchange to our customers. MyAdXchange is a patent pending ad trading and exchange platform designed to help bring more customers to your store. You can sign up for a free MyAdTV account to test drive this software, and learn how you can use digital signage to bring more business to your store. We will show you step by step how to sign up for an account and begin using MyAdTV from your own computer. MyAdTV Price List MyAdTV Template Selection MyAdTV Account Structure MyAdTV Blog MyAdTV Demo Search keywords: dynamic digital signage, in-store advertising, on-location ad sales, digital signage advertising, digital signage solutions, signage display, electronic signs, point-out-sales advertising, retail marketing, advertising networks, advertising media, point-of-purchase solutions, out-of-home advertising, narrowcasting, place-based media, free digital signage software, retail marketing, retail industry, electronic signage, retail media networks, start a small businesses, retail chain stores, retail store advertising, retailing industry, shopping mall advertising, turnkey digital signage systems